Funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by the Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AMEXCID), the EARFLOW project arises from the collaboration of the River Basin Group with researchers from the Centro de Geociencias of the UNAM, l Autonomous National University of Mexico, directed by Lucia Capra. The aim of the project is the monitoring of sediment transport, debris flows and lahars along the river network,  by means of seismic sensors, with the development of early warning in volcanic and alpine areas. The Earflow project allowed UNAM researchers and students to learn about the activities of the Unibz River Basin Group and to visit the study sites in South Tyrol, in particular the Gadria experimental basin (BZ). Professor Francesco Comiti and the members of the research group, Velio Coviello, Andrea Andreoli and Giulia Marchetti, participated in two missions on the Mexican volcanoes Colima and Popocatépetl in 2018 and 2019. The pandemic temporarily interrupted mobility but the research activities continue with the publication of scientific articles.

Graphic animation: Jacopo Sacquegno
Text & voice: Gianluca Liva

Webmap presenting recent research activity on lahars and debris flows by means of a virtual journey around the world. This dissemination product (in Italian) was realized in the frame of the project EARFLOW – monitoring bedload transport, debris flow and lahars through the development of early warning system in volcanic and alpine areas.


Webinar of Dr. Andrea Andreoli on river restoration as part of the online seminars organized by the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA), in collaboration with numerous Italian universities (in italian).

Short-documentary on the italian version website of Scientific American. The page describes the research activities of the RGB group of unibz on the seismo-acoustic characterization of sediment transport and debris flows in the Gadria valley, Bolzano province.

The author of the documentary is Jacopo Pasotti.

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Interview to francesco Comiti broadcasted by RAI Alto Adige on 27 November 2019. after the landslide events occurred in South Tyrol during November 2019 (in italian).

This short-documentary presents the ongoing research activities of the RGB group of unibz on the seismo-acoustic characterization of sediment transport and debris flows in the Solda and Gadria valleys, Bolzano province.

The author of the documentary is Jacopo Pasotti.

The activities of the RBG for monitoring river restoration projects in South Tyrol. Radio interview with Andrea Andreoli at the Zeppelin program broadcasted by Radio RAI Alto Adige on 10 January 2019 (in italian).

Documentary on the ETSCH 2000 research project developed by the Free University of Bolzano and the University of Trento, which reconstructs the morphological variations of the Adige River between Merano (BZ) and Borghetto (TN), occurred during the last 2000 years. 


Other interesting resources on Etsch2000

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