We study the hydrology of the glacierized mountain catchments to understand the sources of runoff (snow, glaciers, runoff, underground water…).

River Morphology

We analyse the morphological evolution of Alpine rivers due to climate variations and its implication for their future management.

River Restoration

We monitor the effect of river restoration actions in the morphology and the ecological quality of the rivers to assess their effectivity and sustainability in time.

Sediment Transport

The quantification of the sediment transported permits to identify the main sediment sources, leading to a better management of the catchment and the hydraulic risks.

Debris Flow

Debris-flow monitoring is an invaluable way to gather field data that may improve the understanding of these hazardous phenomena and the alarm system to prevent the risk

Large Wood Dynamics

The large wood mobilization during floods increases the hazard; however, its presence improves the river quality. Our study helps to understand and manage this issue.